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Name: Kelsey
Timezone: EST
Personal Journal: [personal profile] eise
Player Contact: AIM:dinachan321/Plurk:everyoneisemo/Gmail:rpdina
Characters in Game (previously too): None

Name: Jane Crocker
Canon: Homestuck
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Suitability: N/A
Species: Human
Canon Point: Just after going Godtier, but before going Crockertier!
World/Setting: N/A
History: Wiki!
Personality: At first glance, Jane’s a pretty average teenage girl. A little geeky, a little socially awkward, but overall fairly normal and nice. She likes mysteries and mustachioed men, and after a little familial strife during her transition into puberty, she has a good relationship with her father. She inherited her love of pranking and cakes from him, and her position as Betty Crocker’s heiress from...somewhere else. What’s important is the fact that she’s an heiress with a dad who loves her to the point of overprotectiveness (who doesn’t get assassination attempts every once in a while?) and so she can get a little rebellious at times. She is, ultimately, a nice, good person, however.

Her friends certainly think so, although lately they haven’t all been on the best terms. Jane being Jane, however, even when things are rough in her life, she does her best to push aside her own complaints and be a good friend. Which is, perhaps, why she gets a little flustered when actually confronted-- in most instances, it seems that Jane puts other people’s problems first, and when she is asked to think about herself, she isn’t quite sure how to handle it and wigs out a little. This seems to lead to her bottling up her own issues and then exploding when things finally come to a head.

This is not to say that Jane is secretly seething at her inconsiderate friends all the time-- far from it. She seems to do her best to see the best in people, and though her stubborn skepticism has kept her from fully trusting her friends at times, she not once thought of them as liars or tricksters when she had trouble believing what they told her about themselves. It does seem as if Jane would be upset if someone truly did deceive her, but she has no reason to believe that any of her closest friends would ever do so.

Jane is very intelligent and her interest in mysteries certainly reflects this. This means she can sometimes have trouble thinking outside the box, even if the box is really the most logical thing to think inside of and she shouldn’t have to think outside of it! Her character arc has largely been about learning to trust people-- including herself. She is slowly figuring out how to stand up for herself and openly listen to her friends as well. She’s made some mistakes as she travels down this road, of course, but in the end she and her friends come together and she cares for them as deeply as ever.

Jane’s quirks are worth a brief description. While Jane is playful and enjoys pranks, she does seem to have a sort of prudish line about certain things. Sexual banter can, at times, make her a little uncomfortable. She is also a little insecure about her appearance. In most situations, it would seem Jane’s able to make a quick joke, but when it comes to sex and her looks she can get a little serious. Oddly enough, Jane has no issues with joking about her attraction to mustachioed men, however, so it is possible that her prudishness depends on the context of the situation.

Abilities/Weaknesses: Jane has healing abilities and can fight with a fork or spoon in canon. Her weakness is that she can only revive an individual person once-- whether this extends to healing broken bones or diseases is unclear.
RP Samples: Test drive

Third person:

Jane Crocker would be insulted if one were to insinuate that she was anything less than knowledgeable in the ways of the world. But the truth was that as much as she thought she knew about sex and such back home, well. In this place she's discovered that perhaps getting all her information from her friends is not the best way to go about things (even if Jake's descriptions of the mating habits of giant frightening fauna are probably actually pretty accurate given that they are not actually so fake as she had previously surmised.)

For the most part, the people in this world are surprisingly kind in regards to taking her "No, thank you very much"-es at their word. This might be just because it isn't hard for them to find a second or third or eighth for that particular day's outing, but still. She hasn't felt pressured. Not in that sense, anyway.

Because as much as they would take "No, but I'm very flattered!"-es at face value and move on, they did tend to not care so much about other boundaries. Such as keeping doors shut or relocating after finding a partner in the middle of a road. So Jane had to start thinking about whether she was just being, as Roxy would put it, "a tight ass." On the one hand, she was only 16, and as much as prom was almost synonymous with cherry popping, Jane just didn't see herself as the sort to lose it that young anyway.

Or possibly at all. If that bully of a brother Calliope has has any truth to what he's said.

Except...that was more true back home. is different. Here she might actually have the power to say no and mean it and-- and not run out of options. Here she might meet a nice boy and the lowered inhibitions of the world would let her actually believe he might like her back.

(Here, Jake might show up and they might get a chance to try what never happened before.)

At the very least, here she can be useful. Jane would learn healing magic and help people and it'd all be okay. As far as optimism went, this was a rather big step for Jane, and she was more than a little proud of herself for it. Not that it helped her nerves any when she actually went out and about. The slightest surprise still had her squeaking and covering her eyes bashfully. Why, even now, as she heads out on an errand for Mistress, she's bumped into someone and--

"S-sorry! Ah, I got distracted by that horse, um, n-not in a weird way, just, usually I thought they go the other way around when they draw centaurs, um." Peek. "Oh, thank God, you aren't naked."


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